Systemic Therapy

What does it mean to follow a Systemic  Approach?

Systemic therapy concentrates on the system not the dysfunctioning individual. Thus, the person is considered in the context of where the problem occurs ie. in families, at school, at work… So the focus is on transactional patterns, alliances, boundaries, roles and subsystems…  Causality is viewed in circular rather than linear terms.


- Trans-generational genograms
- Emotional bank accounts
- Invisible loyalties
- Sibling rivalries and resources
- Reframing (changes the meaning of a behavior without changing the facts)
- Enactment (role playing to bring the outside conflict to the session)
- Family sculpting (active non verbal graphic)
- Circular questioning (relationships and systems not individual symptomology)

Length of treatment

The number of sessions is determined during the initial assessment interview.
Sessions last 50 minutes and cost 100 Sfr.  Counseling sessions are normally reimbursed by complementary insurance due to membership in the Federation of Swiss Psychologists.  Support during a period of change and implementation of new behaviors and paradigms leads to a new equilibrium & the end of counseling.