Counseling Psychology

How can you benefit from Counseling Psychology?

It will bring you better health, less stress , crisis resolution and change repetitive patterns so you function differently and feel a renewed sense of well being.

What is Counseling Psychology?

Counseling psychology facilitates change through awareness, prevention and psychological education. It identifies and alters the underlying paradigms that sustain problems. It also provides a framework for the generation of alternative action plans and facilitates lifestyle and attitude change. Interventions are goal oriented.  Your personal goals define and guide the interventions and the creation of your future plan of action.

Skill development and value clarification

- Are your decisions based on intrinsic values or the social mirror?
- Can you depersonalize situations and respond objectively?
- Do you communicate effectively?
- Want to sharpen your negotiation skills?
- How is your self esteem?
- What’s you EQ ?(measure of emotional intelligence)
- How well do you listen and interpret body language?

How does Counseling Psychology differ from Clinical Psychology?

Counseling psychology has a strong educational component. It challenges dysfunctional defenses and helps clients to achieve their potential. CP works on attitude change more than restructuring personality. Counseling psychology focuses on the positive strengths of fundamentally healthy individuals with dysfunctional parts of their life. In contrast, clinical psychology stresses remedying pathologies and treats individuals with serious mental illness. CP has more a client than patient oriented approach.